Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 10 Treatments for Autism

Top 10 Top Treatments for Autism
By Lisa Jo Rudy, Guide

From the introduction to the article: "As you start to dig deeply into the literature on autism treatments, you'll find dozens of available options. Which are the 'best' treatments? As the professionals will tell you over and over again, every child's needs are different. The treatments described in this article are among the best known, best researched, and most likely to produce positive results." Read the complete article here:

As with any autism intervention, please review the research summary on each intervention method on this website before using it with your child. This website provides information on whether research shows various treatment methods are considered helpful, harmful, or simply not yet supported by research.

Be sure to ask any professional that you hire for his or her qualifications, as well as for information on research supporting their intervention method. Ideally, an intervention should be supported by experimental studies, not just anecdotal reports and testimonials.

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