Thursday, March 21, 2013

Autism & Alleluias

Book Description
Publication Date: February 15, 2010

In the past two or three years, autism has garnered stories in TIME, Newsweek, and USA Today. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau figures, 1 in 150 American children have autism, and the numbers are growing daily (an increase of 13% over the past ten years). Difficult behaviors, a myriad of specialists, problems with schools, special diets this developmental disability turns a family's world upside-down. What is the role that faith plays in helping families cope? Is it possible to sing alleluia in the midst of a very real adversity? In this series of slice-of-life vignettes, God's grace glimmers through the shadows as Joel, an intellectually challenged teen with autism, teaches those who love him that walking the labyrinth of life requires childlike faith, humility, trust, compassion, forgiveness, and an attitude of openness to all of God s gifts.

Please note that the statistics reflect the time in which the book description was written, which is a few years ago.

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