Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Positively Autism July Newsletter: Social Narratives

July Newsletter Topic: Social Narratives -

What Are Social Stories™? Video from Carol Gray -

Social Narratives as an Evidence-Based Practice -

How To Write A Social Narrative -

The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition -

Free Stories:
Swimming Pool Safety Story -

"When I Feel Angry" Social Narrative -

"When I Can Scream" Social Narrative -

"Waiting While Riding in the Car" Social Narrative -

Saying 'No, Thank You' Social Narrative -

Blank PowerPoint Template for Social Narratives Booklets -

July Positive Autism News -

Autism Speaks Launches National Housing and Residential Supports Survey -

Ice Cream Math and Match Fun Folder Game Set -

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