Thursday, August 29, 2013

Positively Autism August Newsletter

This month, we'll finish our series of articles and posts on Social narratives, also known as Social Stories. Social narratives are a great strategy to explain social situations and expectations to students with autism. They can be easily written and customized to each individual child, making social narratives a flexible strategies for both parents and teachers. Read on to learn more about this great tool!

Articles and Tips
Intro to Social Narratives
Technology and Social Narratives
Social Narratives as an Evidence-Based Practice
The Importance of Social Narratives that Praise Accomplishments
The Social Compass Curriculum: A Story-Based Intervention Package

Sample Social Narratives from Positively Autism
"Other People Can Be First"
"Saying Hello to People"
"When Mom is on the Phone"
More free social skill stories and activities here:

New Free Downloads from Positively Autism
Color and Number Flashcards
"Share the Road" Folder/Shoebox Games for Turn-Taking and Sharing

Books on Social Narratives
The Social Skills Picture Book: Teaching Play, Emotion, and Communication to Children with Autism
My Social Stories Book

Other News
August Positive Autism News
New Book! No More Victims: Protecting those with Autism from Cyber Bullying, Internet Predators, and Scams

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