Monday, September 30, 2013

Positively Autism September Newsletter

Thanks for reading Positively Autism's September Newsletter! This month, we're focusing on Montessori educational strategies for children with autism, as well as some fun Halloween/Fall freebies!

Main Articles/Resources:

What is Montessori? Video -

What is Montessori Education? -

Montessori vs. "Traditional" Approach to Education -

Treatment Meshes Montessori and ABA -

Parallels Between Discrete Trials and Montessori Lessons -

"The Absorbent Mind" by Maria Montessori (Free on Kindle) -

New Freebies!

Halloween Social Stories and Activities -

Halloween Math Activity Bundle for Pre-K and K -

Fall Worksheet Packet for Preschool-First Grade -

Other News:

September Positive Autism News -

Autism Survey for Texas Teachers

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