Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Newsletter Topic: Smooth and Easy Transitions

Children with autism frequently thrive on routine and predictability. They also often take a keen interest in a particular activity (such as lining up toys, spinning, trains, and so on). It can be very difficult for a child when it is time to transition away from one of these favorite activities to a different activity, such as when it is time to turn off a child's favorite iPad game to come to the dinner table. The child may become upset or engage in problem behavior. This is particularly true when the transition is abrupt or unexpected.

Changing activities is a part of life for children, their families, and their teachers at school (changing centers, going to lunch, changing classes, etc.) and home (bedtime, leaving home to run an errand, having dinner, etc.). Since this common activity may be difficult for children with autism, this month Positively Autism will be sharing tips and resources for making transitions between activities easer and smoother for your children and your students.

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