Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back To School Social Story

Time For School: A Back To School Social Story

From "Educating Everyone 4 Life"

This Back to School social story is designed to help children cope with the transition of coming back to school after summer vacation. This is a visual story made for children with autism; however, all children can benefit from this story. Children with Special Needs, who or autistic, or who are in the general education classroom benefit when using a visual representations of a change in their routine. Use this book as a printable, multimedia presentation, or social story. This book is aligned with Common Core Standards in Reading.

Here is an example of a more specific social story that you can write for your child using your own pictures and information:

In order to make the social story, you can arrange to visit your child's teacher and classroom before school begins to introduce your child and take some photos. If you are unable to arrange this type of visit, you can visit the school building and possibly the playground to get your child familiar with the environment and take photos of these. Also, you may be able to find pictures of the teacher, school building, or classroom on the school's website that you can use to make a social story.

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