Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 2011 Positive Autism News

College for Autistic Students Isn't Easy, but it is Possible
July 8, 2011
Orlando Sentinel,0,489662.story

Autistic Children Surf the Waves at Brighton Avenue Beach 
July 18, 2011
The Star-Ledger

Extraordinary Artist Stephen Wiltshire Sees Cities Once, Draws Detailed Panoramas From Memory
July 19, 2011
ABC News

Autistic Artist: Kendall Collins' Passion for Trains Embarks Artistic Career
July 16, 2011
Porterville Recorder‎‎

This last one isn't a positive news story, but I was still inspired by his story and thought it was worth listing here.
Army Spc. Jameson Lindskog, 23, Pleasanton; Among 6 Killed in Afghan Firefight
"The medic took a single-minded, methodical approach to his job that earned him respect and admiration from officers and enlisted alike, his parents were told."
July 24, 2011
Los Angeles Times,0,4671554.story

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