Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Product Review of SchKIDules

SchKIDules are personalized visual schedule systems designed to communicate a routine, sequence, activity or transition to a child.  SchKIDules are magnetic and come with a magnetic schedule board. A variety of customizable packages are available.

•Most pictures clearly depict the activities.
•A wide variety of pictures are available.
•The pictures are magnets, which makes them easy to take on and off, as well as place on a variety of surfaces (such as the schedule board or refrigerator).
•Easy to use.
•Pictures are colorful and fun. My son loves them!
•Increased my son’s compliance with activities we needed to do.
•It gives our summer days (when I’m home during the day with my son) more structure and increased the variety of activities we did in a day. There were pictures for arts and crafts, science, play-doh, and more that gave him ideas of things we could do instead of watch TV.

•It’s a little hard to keep track of all of the magnetic schedule pictures. I keep them in a container, but sometimes one gets misplaced and is difficult to find.
•There were some activities we did that there wasn’t a picture in the collection for, but the company does offer the option of creating your own digital photo magnets.

Overall, I would recommend this product to parents or teachers of young children or children who learn best with pictures. My son is three and he loves his schedule. He gets to choose some activities to put on it, along with the things we need to do like take a bath or go to the doctor. It has helped us with both transitions between activities and compliance. As with any product, it will not meet every child’s learning needs, but it is worth a look if you are considering the use of a visual schedule.


News video about SchKIDules:

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