Saturday, October 19, 2013

Participants Still Needed for Cutting Edge PRT Autism Intervention (California)

I received the following newsletter e-mail from the Koegel Autism Center at University of California, Santa Barbara. Drs. Robert and Lynn Koegel are the pioneers of Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), which, in my opinion, is a preferred method of early intervention for children with autism. Here is the e-mail:

Dear Friends of the Koegel Autism Center,

Do you have a 4 to 6 year old child diagnosed with ASD? Are you interested in receiving a developmental assessment and 16 weeks of intervention? Your participation will enable researchers to better understand the developing brain in autism. Through the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), we are able to see how behavioral intervention (specifically Pivotal Response Treatment or PRT) improves children's processing of social stimuli. This cutting edge research, funded by Autism Speaks, will hopefully lead to better care for all children with ASD. For more information on the current study, please see results from a similar project conducted at Yale University.

Please fill out the quick one page information form here and send it to

Please spread the word, even if this opportunity does not apply to your family!

For more information you may contact Avery Voos at

Koegel Autism Center
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9490

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