Monday, October 28, 2013

Positively Autism October 2013 Newsletter

This month, we're finishing our series on Montessori for students with Autism.

Montessori Articles/Resources

October Positively Autism Theme -

Sensory Issues in the Montessori Classroom -

Montessori and Children with Special Needs -

Visual Supports for Use in a Montessori Classroom -

Montessori How-To Videos -

Interview with Rhea Brashear, Director of Morning Star Montessori -

What’s Maria Got to Do with Aspergers/Autism? -

"The Asperkids Collection" of Montessori Materials -

Is Montessori TEACCH Without the Velcro? -

An Interview with Michelle Lane -

"Autism: A Montessori Approach" by Michelle Lane -

Freebies and Resources

Task Ideas for Matching and Sorting -

Halloween Social Stories and Freebies -


October 2013 Positive Autism News Stories -

Participants Still Needed for Cutting Edge PRT Autism Intervention (California) -

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