Friday, June 13, 2014

Wandering Toolkits for Families and First Responders

Check out these toolkits with lots of valuable resources.

The family/caregiver toolkit contains:
  • Caregiver Checklist 
  • Family Wandering Emergency Plan (FWEP) 
  • First-responder profile form
  • Swimming Lessons Tool 
  • Root-cause Scenario & Strategies Tool 
  • Stop Sign Prompts 
  • Social Stories 
  • Caregiver Log 
  • Sample IEP Letter. (Never allow restraint/seclusion practices into any IEP as this increases associated risks.) 
  • General Awareness Letter: share with schools, homeowner’s association, law enforcement agencies, physicians, etc. 
  • Caregiver Resources
The first responder toolkit contains:
  • Autism Overview 
  • Autism Behaviors  
  • Autism Wandering Statistics  
  • First Responder Checklist 
  • First Responder Resource Sheet   
  • First Responder Tips   
  • First Responder Notification Form   
  • Search & Rescue Guidelines For Missing Persons With Special Needs (NCMEC) 
  • Print-and-hang Flyer 

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