Sunday, August 12, 2012

Antecedent Strategy: Transition Warnings

Transition warnings provide a warning of an upcoming transition (change to a new activity, having to stop watching a video to eat dinner, going to the store, going outside to recess, etc.).

A transition warning can be as simple as telling a child, “In 5 minutes, we will be putting away your cars to take a bath.” I unusually give a 5-minute and a 1-minute warning.

Another option to help a child know when the transition is coming is to use a visual timer, as pictured below.

Transition warnings can also be used with schedules by telling the child when the next item on the schedule is coming.

For more information about transition warnings, you can view this video from Autism Spot.


  1. So glad I stumbled onto your blog. There are great reasources here, thanks.