Thursday, August 2, 2012

Examples of Antecedent Strategies

In August, Positively Autism is continuing our series on using antecendent interventions to prevent problem behaviors. If you're new to Positively Autism, pleaes read our July newsletter issue to get a background on antecedent strategies.

Here are some examples of antecedent strategies:
  • Using a schedule.
  • Providing information about any changes in schedule.
  • Transition warnings.
  • Providing choices.
  • Enriching the learning environment by providing access to sensory stimuli (such as Play-doh to push with hands during a lesson) that serve the same function as a problem behavior.
  • Incorporating student interests into learning activities.
  • Interspersing acquisition and maintenance tasks.
  • Posting of clear classroom rules/expectations in the classroom.
We’ll provide information and resources for some of these strategies in our next blog posts.

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