Friday, August 24, 2012

August Teacher of the Month: Tracey Déathe

Positively Autism wants to congratulate our first Teacher of the Month, Tracey Déathe! Here is what the parent who nominated this teacher had to say:

"Mrs. Deathe is the best teacher my son has had and is constantly going above and beyond the call of duty for her students.  She participates in so many activities so that her students have access to learn how to function within the community.  She takes her students on outings to the grocery store, restaurants, and for horse back riding within the community.  She also makes sure that every child in her classroom gets to participate in the Special Olympics which is very rare within the district.  Most only take a couple of students.  She makes sure they all get to go who are eligible by age.  I've seen Mrs. Deathe still be at school sometimes until 7 or 8 in the evening just to get what needs to be done for the next day ready.  She has also gone above and beyond to have a special holiday meal for Thanksgiving for all current students as well as those from years past.  I would like to see her rewarded for constantly putting in far above and beyond what other special education teachers within our district put in to make sure each and every student succeeds in meeting their individual goals."

We appreciate great teachers like Tracey Déathe! If you know a teacher who deserves to be recognized, please nominate him or her for Positively Autism's Teacher of the Month:

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